My name is Isabel or Isa (short in Spanish). I'm originally from Venezuela and now I live somewhere between Toronto, Canada and Melbourne, Australia. 
What I do?
I love art in any form and expression and this is what inspired me to start my brand. 
What is art? Some of you might debate whether fashion or any other form of expression can really be considered art or not... My work and the images you will find on my social media are based on what art means to me. 
If I would have to sum up what I do, this would be it:
 I inspire people through beauty & innovative work. Fashion is my passion, Visual Art is my focus, and a Global Perspective is my flavor.
My goal is to continue to do what I love, put all my different skills to use and build lasting professional relationships, while always learning something new along this journey.
Do you have an idea that will bring more beauty and inspiration into our daily lives? Lets work together.
Drop me an e-mail at: isartco@gmail.com
All images on this website © ISART, 2016. Interested in purchasing prints? Please contact me.
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